you have no idea how much i want to go back in time and relive playlist live like you have no fricking clue

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Dan after he takes a shower: Dan Towell

Dan in a bad mood: Dan Fowell

Dan stays up all night: Dan Owell

Dan gets angry: Dan Growell

Dan learns grammar: Dan Vowell

Dan gets married: Dan Lester


the phil lester defense squad leader has fired shots

idreaminblackandwhitelove asked: all right u got me just wanted to see how you would react, you are not like other ''phans'' thats good. btw im nowhere near london so dont worry.

thank god thanks same

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Anonymous asked: you live in a flat facing trees right? I know this is the right building but i can't find the room

im not dan and this is downright fricking creepy leave them alone

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kawaiiyoutubersdesu asked: Is I love you a question?

it can be if the last syllable is pronounced with a higher pitch

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Animal Crossing Ruined My Life! VS typos have ruined my life